08 August 2008

Canadian Humour

A French friend of mine asked me "What iz zee Canadian yumour?"

I thought I would have to go into this whole lengthy explanation of how Canada is stuck in some kind of grey zone between reruns of Are You Being Served? and sight gags with Balki and Cousin Larry. But then I realised, no, this is Canadian humour, and thank bloody God for it! :

Pure brilliance. Yeay Canada!


Miss Ash said...

Haha that was hilarious, I loved it!! Pure brilliance!

Tokyo Tintin said...

This is actually the first ever segment with "the sectretaries" and I remember watching it when it aired.

Oh how I wish Kids in the Hall was still on now.

djörk said...

Holy balls, that does sum it up. Ah, Canadia. All the cool kids in the states watched SNL just to get to KITH, you know...

I think I'll be showing up under a different name here -- this is thesaltytroll. I've gone to Iceland for the year, and will soon have a new, for reelz! blog.

If it looks like France is going to break your spirit, hop on over here!