22 September 2008

Welcome Back

I step off the night train from Berlin into a rare morning sun of the Gare du Nord. Make my way through the station's wrought iron pillars like spindly tree trunks. Descend into the cavernous left luggage office to drop off my suitcase before heading off to teach. Go through the whole ordeal of x-raying my bag, emptying my pockets, taking off me belt, only to get inside and find that the change machine for the lockers is out of service. Back out through security and out to buy something I don't need then back again through all over again.

Go to the métro entrance to buy a ticket and find huge lines 20 people deep, to buy tickets at the counter. No automatic ticket machines. Go to the next entrance, find automatic ticket machines, half are out of service, an unstaffed ticket counter and more huge lines 20 people deep.

Finally get on the platform and hear the chimes of a service announcement: "Due to a strike by railway workers, service is currently disrupted and no trains are circulating outside of peak hours..."

Welcome back to France.


Jennifer said...

Oh honey, that sucks.

If it makes you feel any better, everyone in Toronto was stranded at work the other day when wires fell of the wall in one of the Yonge line tunnels. They shut down the subway right before evening rush hour.

Traffic was crazy.

Tokyo Tintin said...

Ah, TTC delays... I remember them well.

There's one thing not to miss about Toronto at least.

Princess Pessimism said...

OMG!!! That sucks. Im just starting to get into using the subway for work purposes, and will be able to bitch about the TTC soon enough! YIPPEE for life in toronto!

Princess Pessimism said...

i love your pictures from spain!!! They're magnifico!!!!