15 September 2008

My Walk Across Canada

Alternate title: My Walk From One Canada to Another

A sunny September day, I set out to walk across Canada in Paris.

I started at the Place du Canada and set out for my destination, la rue du Canada, seeing what I could along the way.

Place du Canada is tucked away behind the granite Belle Epoque extravagance of the Grand Palais (the Rocky Mountains?), right on the bank of the Seine (the St Lawrence?). I thought it bizarrely apropos that the intersection of Franklin D Roosevelt Avenue and Queen's Way was the Place du Canada.

Ironically, the Rue du Canada abuts the Rue de la Guadeloupe, which the French decided to keep in exchange for handing over Canada to the British after the Seven Years War in 1763.

A beautiful view of the place. Maybe meant to represent the Praries?

Some friends I picked up along the way.

My Canada includes Quebec.

Weird and spooky abandoned market I came across.

Canada Retouch? Indeed it does.

Destination: Rue du Canada

Rue du Canada seen from the intersection of Rue de la Guadeloupe.


le roncier said...

You know, I never heard about that story about Canada and Guadeloupe before you told me about it. I don't see anything in French about it on the web. It's very interesting to realize how biaisé the stuff we learn can be. We never really talk about "les départements d'Outremer" here in France. I don't know if it's because it's not appropriate or because it's not an issue.

Tokyo Tintin said...

That's funny. Voltaire's "quelques arpents de neige" is quite famous for French Canadians.

Miss Ash said...

I've been to Saskatchewan and that photo clearly captures that of the prairies!

Princess Pessimism said...

I love it!! Its wonderful.