03 February 2009

25 blah, blah, etc.

I’ve been tagged by several people for to do this and I caught wind that if I didn’t, I would be less cool. Since I am trying so hard to be regarded as 'cool' by my friends, here are the 25 random facts about me.

1. I can make a horrible first impression and many people have told me they thought I hated them when we met.

2. If I was a domestic animal, I would be a llama. If I was a wild animal, I would be a flamingo.

3. My biggest problem in relationships is that I tend to avoid talking about problems. (Which in turn causes more problems).

4. Clearly, there are vampires.

5. I’ve been collecting postcards since I was about eight and want to get one from every country in the world.

6. I don’t think people should travel to Burma and I secretly think less of anyone I meet who has.

7. I had a scary reoccurring dream as a child of being at sea in a storm on a pirate ship with Spiderman’s body in a coffin.

8. I think circumcision is bad and wrong and should be made illegal.

9. I am a nerd about the following things: capitals, flags, airlines, public transport, birds, languages, alphabets, Project Runway, French Indochina, postcards, Meso-American history, kanji, Thor Heyerdahl.

10. I don’t like driving and when I’m in charge, I will make private car ownership illegal and replace all roads with train tracks.

11. The beach is my favourite place in the whole world and if I could live there forever, I would.

12. My greatest fear is failure.

13. My dream is to travel around the world without leaving the ground.

14. If I could only watch Gong Li movies for the rest of my life, it wouldn’t really be so bad.

15. I spend too much money on clothes. I think I have a problem.

16. As much as I hated all the fishing and camping trips my father took me on when I was young, I appreciate them so incredibly much now. So many people have so little exposure to nature now.

17. The last time I cried was 12 January 2009.

18. I have always been incredibly, incredibly self-conscious about my taste in music. (See #24, for example).

19. I’m a leg man.

20. Although a staunch left-handist, I bowl with my right hand.

21. If someone offered me a free plane ticket tomorrow, I would have a hard time choosing between Toronto and Tahiti.

22. I think Couchsurfing.com is amazing and it’s basically changed my life.

23. I want to go to Nunavut so bad!

24. My first record (whoa – dating myself!) was Rick Astley’s “Whenever You Need Somebody”.

25. I didn’t learn to tie my shoes until I was eleven. My poor mother must have thought I was retarded.


Debra said...

Daniel... I was doing so well at not being tagged for this thing. You ruined it... now I have to do it (so as to also look cool among my friends ;) !!)

Some comments :

# 9 - I'm so happy you mentioned your nerd-dom about capitals !!
# 13 - can I come with you ??
# 17 - did you cry cause I was leaving Paris ?? ;)
# 21 - Really ?? I think I would choose Funafuti and send you a postcard so that you can cross Tuvalu off your list in # 5 !!

Daphné said...

I don't want to boast but honestly, anyone who has read your blog WOULD know almost everything you said *wink*

Colin said...

Agree a lot with #10. I often imagine what streets will look like when their centre lanes are all devoted to light rail. It's the future.

CS said...

re: #11, #12, #15. we're one and the same. i miss you COME BACK. or send me more postcards, i have mail on it's way for you..

Joeseph said...

You need to pencil in SYTYCD somewhere in that list.... I mean, c'mon :)