06 February 2009

Dragostea din tei

♪♫♪Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei!♫♪♪

I never knew that T.I. and Rihanna loved Romanian boy bands so much! Did you?

Another thing I didn't know was that turn-of-the-century Eurotrash videos could be just as good –or even better– than videos from the 80s. You learn something new every day.


Matthew said...

Do I get credit for infecting your brain with the Rihanna/TI version? I hope so.

Also, that video is the BEST video, ever. I love the part where they're walking on part of the airplane and the lead extends his arms in the air and shakes his hips a lot. Oh wait, that is basically the entire clip.

Tokyo Tintin said...


But what about when they transform into gay cartoon characters or almost start making out at 1:27, 1:38 and 4:32? I nominate this as best boy band video ever!

Of course I owe the Rihanna all to you! What do you recommend after I've downloaded all the singles? B-sides? Remixes? I defer to your infinite wisdom.

BTW, how are you managing back in New York without crazy excessive French drama to ruin your life on an 18-hour cycle?

Miss Ash said...

I just read your previous post and laughed extremely hard at the last one (even though I hate the word retarded) I almost died laughing.

Tokyo Tintin said...


Usually I don't like the use of retarded either, but it is clearly the correct word for that situation! Ha ha. Poor Mum...

battle said...

Okay--I just have to set things right with this:

1rst it was a hit in Romania for a year or so and then after 2 years it was a hit all over Europe..and guess what it was a hit in Romania again... most of the guys working for the radios were shocked when the the song went back to number one...a year later :))

and you have to be in the tree in order to understand what 'dragostea din tei' actually means. wanna risk it Daniel?